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Training with Tai Chi Forest

Transform through martial arts
Transform through energy training
Transform through stillness practices

Every moment is an opportunity to train, to practice the way and become a better version of the self with every challenge faced. This is where Tai Chi, the internal martial arts and energy cultivation practices can take you – and there is a lot of fun to be had along the way too!

In the context of martial arts training, Qigong and meditation practices, with Tai Chi Forest you will learn:

  • Physical and energetic alignments for better chi flow
  • Super alignments for stronger rooting and neck problems
  • Using the kwa and wrapping for back problems
  • Improving external and internal balance
  • Breathwork for a stronger nervous system and internal organs
  • Lengthening and twisting connective tissue to improve chi flow
  • Fluid elasticity for healthier and more flexible joints
  • Moving chi through the yin/yang surfaces and micro/macrocosmic orbits
  • Dissolving physical, emotional and mental blockages
  • Connecting with your innate nature and the nature of everything around us

Training Schedule


All classes are held at the netball courts, Byron Street, Mullumbimby.

Tai Chi

Mondays 8-9am


Mondays 9-10am

Staff Training

Wednesdays 8-9am

Stick Fighting

Wednesdays 10-11am

Classes – Great for beginners, these are held in Mullumbimby, NSW. (60-90 mins)

One to one sessions – For students who are unable to attend classes or wish to learn faster. Online or face to face. (45-90 mins)

Intensives – For students who want to go deeper into the arts and have a dedicated self practice. (1-5 days) 

Workshops – Special events to suit your needs. Mini intensives, master classes or  something for fun! (60-120mins)

Online Training

A great way to study at your own convenience is through online courses. Tai Chi Forest has a growing number of qigong courses available online now through our course platform. Courses are both free and paid, so take your pick!

“Your instructions are really clear and easy to follow. The rhythm is good, how you bring new elements to the practice. Even during movement, just listening to the advice we as students get through the motion, it’s not absolutely necessary to watch the screen. (This is not the case with all teachers.) So, clear advice in words and clearly articulated body language too.

– Asahi Riikka, Finland

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