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The Art of Energy Cultivation

Qigong (or Chi Kung) improves all aspects of wellbeing in an efficient and natural way. It is a longevity practice that balances your body and promotes vitality and harmonious energy. Qigong uses movement, breathing, visualization and sound for the purposes of self-healing and it can also be used to treat physical and emotional ailments on others.

Begin the journey within and learn to balance your internal hemispheres through the alignments and activation of connective tissues, yin yang connections and the organs. Activate, energise, circulate and store your energy consciously and concretely using ancient methods of qigong.

Develop strong internal mechanisms and energy sensitivity

Learn self-healing methods or experience Qigong treatments 

Qigong practices are ideal for the prevention of diseases and physical degeneration. Literally meaning Energy Cultivation, the gentle and slow movements of Qigong are known to:


  • Increase flexibility, balance and mobility
  • Reduce joint, hip and back problems
  • Regulate blood and fluid pressure
  • Nourish the immune system
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Enhance mental focus and clarity

Qigong exercises are the foundation for learning about and developing specific systems in your body. In the process of study you first learn to recognize and fix postural misalignments. As you increase your somatic awareness, you learn to enhance and regulate your energy flow, improving your energy levels and general wellbeing.

Internal Technology

The internal cultivation methods used in internal martial arts practices are known as Neigong. Effective for self-healing, they open up and sensitize your body so that you are internally more connected and aware of what is going on inside of you. Neigong also increases your internal power and your ability to harness it, so in a way it can be seen as a turbo charge. At Tai Chi Forest we teach Neigong as part of our Qigong and Tai Chi intermediate syllabus. For the more serious students we also teach martial arts Neigong used for withstanding hits to the body and projecting explosive power.

How Does It Work?

Qi, or chi, is the vital life force inherent in all living things. Without it you simply wouldn’t exist. It is something subtle yet very concrete and can be easily felt and directed with some practice. Due to the electromagnetic and vibratory nature of chi, it affects the whole body from your cells, fluids, nerves, organs, bones etc to your emotional and mental wellbeing. Imbalances in our body’s energies can appear as physical illnesses, and it is these disharmonies that are treated in Medical Qigong.

“Namaste, I am in deep gratitude for your gift; – your gift more in more ways than one! Thank you! I sustained a pelvis injury and has had to stop teaching yoga, dancing, and walking the hills. Some of the things that centres me and brings me great joy. This is going to now be my daily practise sustaining and healing me through this challenging time. Feeling grateful here in New Zealand. Love and abundant blessings.”

– Helle Mortensen Thomson, NZ

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