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Meditation and Breathwork


Reconnect with your inner essence through Daoist meditation. Tune into the elemental forces of nature and rediscover lightness and balance that you can apply during busy times. Learn to recognise the harmonies of the innate nature of the world and how to harness the yin and yang energies in your life. Meditation and breathwork affect the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being more profoundly than any other practice.

The fact that breathing is one of the few automated body functions that we can also control fairly easily, is a clue to its natural importance and potential. Breathing well is all about being able to harmonise every situation whatever it is and whenever it occurs, and being able to do so whilst being soft in all aspects. It helps to:


  • Improve your circulation
  • Massage your internal organs
  • Reprogram your nerves to relax
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Feel lighter and more creative
Imagine having a long, relaxed and refined breath every moment in your life. When you are stressed, overexcited or working under pressure, your breathing is the fastest way to recentre your mind and body. The breathwork and meditation practices at Tai Chi Forest are practical methods and techniques essential for anyone interested in self development. Some of the practices we enjoy:


  • Geometric Breathwork
  • Longevity Breathing
  • Organ Breathing
  • Fluid Body Breathwork
  • Five Elements Meditation
  • Yin Yang Meditation
  • Letting Go Practices

Taoist Longevity Breathing

Also known as whole body breathing, Longevity Breathing is first learned as a stand-alone practice that is then integrated to other Qi practices and your daily life. A natural way of breathing more efficiently, it is very similar to how we used to breathe as babies. The aim is to have an easier, more efficient and natural breath as part of your every day life.

A general outline of what you learn:

  • Abdominal toning & activating the diaphragm
  • Engaging the sides & softening within
  • Energizing the kidneys & cultivating a circular breath
  • Massaging the heart & releasing the nervous tension
  • Dealing with energies & integrating the practice into daily life


Taoist Yoga

China’s form of yoga is fundamentally different to Indian yoga. It emphasises relaxation in order to stretch and as such it is very restorative and internal. Considered a preparation for meditation, it allows you to completely let go of tension and increase your energy flow.

Although the principles of Taoist Yoga can be applied to the thousands of yoga postures, the sequence taught is complimentary to longevity breathing. The gentle movements and internalising awareness are very effective ways to release stress held in your body and to feel the physical and energetic effects of your breath.

“I learnt about myself and how we always push ourselves to the limit. I have to reconsider the way I think and breathe because it is all connected and in the end all that matters is living as gracefully and as balanced as possible. I have been given a precious gift to use and expand. I am practicing wherever I go. It is something new I now choose to include as part of my everyday routine, so simple yet so powerful.”

– Maria Camacho, UK

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