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Wellness Medical Qigong System

An ancient system of healing


Wellness Medical Qigong is an integrational approach to self-healing and longevity. It uses a combination of breathing methods, movements, visualization and sounds, yet it is simple enough to reap benefits from immediately. Parts of the complete set are prescribed in Medical Qigong treatments to improve and solidify the healing process.

Wellness Qigong Set

Designed with your whole body in mind, the fifteen movements of Wellness Qigong are very systematic when practiced from beginning to end. It starts with loosening and stretching your body structure, before moving on to activating your meridians. Finally you learn to enhance your Qi flow along the microcosmic orbit as well as circulate and store Qi accumulated from the environment around us.

This self healing set takes about 30 minutes to do and can also have the Healing Sounds Qigong added to it later on for more benefits to your internal organs.

Six Healing Sounds Qigong

Vibrational healing has been practiced for thousands of years. This ancient set of Qigong consists of six movements that are done with accompanying sounds. When correctly executed they have a strong healing resonance with your internal organs – liver, heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys and the triple warmer.

The order of the sounds/movements follow the Chinese five elements theory, so that each step supports the next one. Though not an organ as such, the triple warmer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is seen as behaving like one. It is a complex of interactions constituting the assimilation and dispersion of metabolically generated body fluids and heat that takes place between the throat level and the bottom of your pelvis.

The Six Healing Sounds Qigong takes only ten minutes to complete and can be practiced on its own or as part of Wellness Qigong. As everything is vibrating on an energetic level, Healing Sounds is a very easy way to take care of your internal wellbeing.

Stillness Qigong

Effective breathing is the basis of good health. It is vital to be aware of how you breathe and how it affects your body. For instance if you are stressed, it is likely that your breath is shallow. This set of Qigong exercises uses different methods of breathing that are done lying down. Its purpose is to stimulate different types of Qi flow to affect your wellbeing.

A great accompaniment and prelude to any movement practice, the types of Qigong breathing used in this set are also integrated in Wellness Qigong. It is recommended that you practice this method in the mornings, or for specific conditions that require your Qi to be regulated.

Medical Qigong Treatments

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), illnesses are either caused by or linked to an imbalance, depletion or blockage in Qi flow. Thus by rebalancing and adjusting your Qi, it is possible to heal physical disorders and also improve your emotional and mental wellbeing.

One of the main branches of TCM, Medical Qigong is a system of complementary healthcare used for treating all types of conditions ranging from injuries and structural problems to chronic disorders and degenerative conditions.

Medical Qigong has no side effects and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions including:


  • Common ailments like stress, fatigue and heeadaches.
  • Structural issues such as stiff shoulders, knee pain, tennis elbows and slipped discs.
  • Digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and other chronic problems.
  • More severe conditions such as post-stroke symptoms and the side-effects of cancer therapy.

What is a treatment like?

Depending on the condition, a treatment is conducted sitting, lying or standing up. Each treatment usually last between 20-45 minutes and multiple sessions might be necessary to solidify the healing changes. Medical Qigong is very non-invasive. It uses gentle touch and non-touch techniques during which it is common to feel physical sensations inside your body or experience involuntary external movements.


Where is it used?

Medical Qigong is widely practiced around the world, particularly in China where you can even find dedicated Qigong Hospitals. Its popularity has increased more recently in USA and India, where it is used as a complementary approach to treating cancer.

“I have more even energy and seem a lot calmer. Yesterday I felt the best I have felt in 30 years I had a great day. I really appreciate all the help you have been giving me so thank you very much for that.”

– Mitchell McCaferty, Australia

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