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Sunday Sessions

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As we are staying safe in our homes during this period of lockdown, technology still enables us to share and stay in touch. So for now our outdoor classes have moved to YouTube Live and are held every Sunday 8am-9am (AEST). The archive of these classes is available on this page for you to practice in your own time in between classes.

Feel free to donate per class. Have fun and practice! 😉 

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Wellness Medical Qigong

Physical part of the Wellness Medical Qigong self healing exercises.

1. Opening 2. Crane neck 3. Shoulder rolls 4. Spine stretch 5. Heaven and earth arms 6. Tiger claws and eagle wings 7. Bear stretch 8. Dragon tail 9. Penguin walk 10. Drop hands 11. Wave hands 12. Closing

Published: 10.5.2020

Eight Bagua Standing Postures

Standing post (zhan zhuang) practice with eight postures from baguazhang.

Published: 3.5.2020

Shoulder mobility in Qigong, Yiquan and Tai Chi

Exploring the role of the shoulders in qigong, yiquan and tai chi. How the shoulders are engaged in standing post (zhan zhuang) practices such as the santi posture. How the shoulder blades move during the forces of peng, lu, ji and an (ward off, roll back, press and push). Also points of tension to be aware of during static postures and movement.

Published: 26.4.2020

Xingyi Qigong

My interpretation of Wang Ji Wu’s 16 Xingyi Health Exercises and the extra Crawling Tiger exercise. 

Published: 19.4.2020

Yiquan and Xingyi Postures

  • 8 yiquan health postures in standing post / zhan zhuang
  • 8 pan gan postures with shi li / testing strength
  • 5 Elements fists in shi li and fa li / explosive strength

Published: 12.4.2020

Dao Yin

Introduction to Dao Yin seated practices. A gateway to deeper, more internal methods of training.

Published: 5.4.2020


Breathwork for balancing, calming and energising. Cheng Man-ch’ing’s Four Breath Words:
Slow, Long, Fine, Still.

Published: 29.3.2020

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