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Tai Chi Forest


Physical fitness, energy cultivation and spiritual development through traditional martial arts.

Internal Martial Arts

Traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan from the Cheng Man-ch’ing lineage. Ba Gua Zhang from the Gao family lineage, Xingyi and Yiquan for body development.

Qigong and Meditation

Medical qigong for self-healing and increasing your life-force energy. Daoist inner cultivation methods for realigning the subtle systems of the body and mind.

Combat Arts

South East Asian martial arts for fitness and self defence. Empty hands and weapons based practices from the Malay art of Silat and the stick-based art of Eskrima from the Philippines.

Forest Bathing

Shinrin yoku forest therapy and mindfulness practices in the Byron Bay hinterland. Reconnect with the elemental forces of nature and your natural self.


Warrior Wednesdays
South East Asian Combat Arts: Silat, Eskrima
Staff, Sticks, Blades, Disarms, Empty Hands
7-9am Mullumbimby Netball Courts
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Tai Chi & Qigong Thursdays
Internal Martial Arts
Tai Chi, Bagua, Xingyi, Qigong, Neigong
3-4.30pm Mullumbimby Community Garden
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